Frequently Asked Questions

Inflatable Structural Packaging

Where is Aerocell Manufactured?

100% of all Aerocell Products are manufactured in the United States. Our dedicated and passionate team, based in Batavia, IL, makes every product we sell. And every raw material we use comes from U.S. producers.

How is Aerocell shipped?

We ship Aerocell flat, un-inflated. The customer then inflates it at their point of use. As a result, large volumes of our product take up very small amounts of space. A pallet of Aerocell is equivalent to a truckload of competitive packaging options. This means Aerocell lowers your freight costs and uses a fraction of your inventory space.

How does Aerocell work?

A pneumatic inflation fixture, called an Aeroport,™ is the source of compressed air that inflates Aerocell, typically in 1-3 seconds. Some customers use a portable compressor and others use in-house compressed air.

How long will Aerocell stay inflated?

Aerocell's high-nylon, co-extruded film provides maximum chamber air holding time. Aerocell typically remains fully inflated for 30+ days.

Will Aerocell protect my damageable product?

When we say Aerocell is like surrounding your product in a suit of air-filled armor, we mean it. Aerocell completely protects such delicate and fragile items as glass, electronics, plastic containers, and items with contents under pressure. And it does so in some of the harshest environments. See our case studies for real-world proof.

Is Aerocell Recyclable?

Yes, 100%! But more importantly, Aerocell reduces to less than 5% of its inflated volume, significantly reducing recycling shipping costs. For one customer, Aerocell reduced the recycling footprint by 195% when they switched from extruded foam.

Is Aerocell Price Competitive?

Aerocell's costs are directly competitive with the most commonly used packaging mediums.

Does Aerocell sell standard or custom items?

Both. Aerocell has a wide range of standard solutions for such products as toner cartridges, bottles and electronics. Wherever we don’t have an off-the-shelf solution, we will quickly and cost-effectively develop a custom-designed product to meet your needs. Minimum quantities for custom products can be as low as 2500-5000 pieces. Standard item minimums can be as low as 150-300 pieces.

Are there high costs of molds, tooling to make a custom product?

No. We can often produce a product without any upfront cost to the customer. Whenever custom solutions do require custom tooling, our start-up costs are always highly affordable.

How do I submit a custom product for design and how long does it take?

After our initial discussion with a customer regarding project scope, goals, current packaging, requirements and volume needed, we usually require a sample of the product to be packaged. We then generate a prompt RFQ, typically within 5-7 working days, depending on project complexity and scope. Start an RFQ, or request a sample today.

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