About Aerocell

Company History & Future

Aerocell began in 2007. Mike Baines, a veteran of the packaging industry for more than 25 years, saw inflatable structural packaging as the perfect eco-friendly solution to safely shipping any product anywhere in today's e-commerce economy.

Aerocell is the only U.S. manufacturer of Inflatable Structural Packaging. The company provides Design, Prototype Sampling, Manufacturing and Distribution all from one domestic location.

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Mike Baines | President/CEO

Mike literally grew up in the packaging industry.

The trend for more protective packaging will continue,
especially in our growing eCommerce economy.

Mike went to work in his father’s packaging business while in junior high and literally learned the business from the ground up.
After school, Mike would sweep floors, clean bathrooms, and load and unload trucks in the warehouse. He also went with his dad to visit customers, vendors, distributors and manufacturer’s reps. And when Mike turned 16 and got his driver’s license, he became his dad’s delivery truck driver.

In 1997, after graduating Purdue University with a degree in agricultural economics, Mike felt the pull back to the family business, mostly due to the strong relationship he and his father share. Mike dressed in a suit, requested a meeting with his father, and then asked him if he could come back and work for him full time. Mike worked his way through the company, eventually becoming president, and then launched Aerocell in 2007.

Since Mike has had firsthand experience selling every traditional packaging material and method that Aerocell now competes against, he can speak from experience about the advantages and disadvantages of each method from an end-user’s perspective.

In 2009, Aerocell commissioned a machine builder in Wisconsin to develop the manufacturing equipment it needed to produce its own product line and added design and production staff. And Mike established relationships with manufacturers’ reps and distributors across the country to ensure national sales and customer service.

Today, with the right combination of off-the-shelf and custom-designed solutions that are all made here in the US, Aerocell is the only domestic provider of inflatable structural packaging. It’s also the only provider located anywhere in the world offering its patented, variable-size air chamber design that completely protects delicate and fragile products from destructive shipping and handling g-forces.

Mike is one of the only packaging experts in the world with the rare combination of extensive packaging industry experience and an insightful vision for the future. As a result, Aerocell is redefining the industry and establishing new packaging standards.