It's Like Shipping Your Products
in a Suit of Air-Filled Armor.

No other product packaging method provides more shipping damage protection than Aerocell inflatable structural packaging.

And no other eco-friendly, US-manufactured packaging option offers more 3-D solutions perfectly tailored to your product.

The ABCs of Gs

Patented pressure-adjusting columns of air provide the ultimate G-force shock protection.

Let’s face it, gravity is not a shipper’s friend. At least not when it comes to providing breakage protection for your products during shipping and handling.

That’s where Aerocell’s patented, pressure-adjusting air columns make all the difference.

Maximum shock protection for your product is provided by enclosing and completely surrounding it with independent, multi-sized columns of pressurized air that absorb nearly all potential G-forces from every angle.

It means products ranging from fragile art glass, ceramics and bottles, to electronic devices, computers and delicate components can be shipped with complete confidence, reducing returns due to handling damage to nearly zero.

Using Aerocell inflatable structural packaging is like shipping your products in a suit of air-filled armor.


Inflatable Packaging for Nyco
10,000 shipments, zero damage returns.


10,000 shipments, zero damage returns.


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The failure rate on our shipments was substantial. Once we went with Aerocell, the reliability is almost 100% fail-proof.

Bob Stahurski

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in a Suit of Air-Filled Armor?

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